Audi A3 (New Car) + A whole year in the UK

So even after my last blog which said i would “probably” get back into the swing of things.. i clearly haven’t!

Finally had a slow week so thought i would update my blog a bit (to avoid having to do my accounts!), i’ve now been back in the UK almost a full year and have thankfully been busy for that entire year thanks to the guys at Dijitul developments.

Had a number of big projects though the year and a lot of small edits and additions to other jobs that the guys have been doing. I’m not sure which i prefer to be honest.. the big projects give you a nice sense of satisfaction when they are finished but cause a lot more stress and usually work out a bit less profitable, whereas the smaller jobs are a lot less stress but not as satisfying to complete.

The largest job we’ve had this year was completed last week, which explains why this week is slow tbh! I can’t link directly to it as the client has requested that the developers remain anonymous. But if you search via this link and click on the URL who’s name is similar to a popular web browser thats the site.

Very proud of it to be honest think the final product showcases what i’ve learnt over the years and should hopefully help the client in his continued success in that area.

As i’ve previously mentioned on this blog last time i was looking for a new car, i finally went for an Audi A3 and managed to find a really nice example of the 170bhp 2.0TD version. Its a lovely drive and a really nice car, not AS good on Diesel as i expected although i did check a few forums after i’d put the deposit down that said economy is awful in comparison to the 140bhp model. Ahh well who needs economy as long as it puts a smile on your face!

After having the car for about 3 weeks it started juddering slightly when idling, although only at certain temperatures. I popped across to Rotherham which is where i got the car from and they checked everything over.. they couldn’t find any issues.

Got the car back and it ran fine for a few weeks then the juddering appeared again. It appears to start happening after a week of short runs, doing some investigation into the issue and it appears to be doing it when its doing an DPF regeneration. It does appear that many A3’s especially the 170 version have DPF Issues when used mainly for short runs.

I took the car to shark performance in Mansfield to get a diagnostic done and also to switch how the central locking was working as it was setup for a single driver rather than a family. They advised me that no faults where found but from his experience it might by the dual mass flywheel on its way out 🙁

Although on the plus side he did say it might always do it and never actually die… so fingers crossed!

Its more of an annoyance than an issue and as i was mentioning earlier it goes away after a long run and i’ve linked it to the DPF filter in my mind as the 1 time the DPF regeneration light has been on, once i’d cleared the DPF the juddering went away completely for a good 2 1/2 weeks.

So either save for a DPF removal and remap the car to 215bhp 🙂 or put the cash to one side just incase the flywheel goes!

I’ll stop rambling about the car now and get back to doing some more quotes.

As i’ll probably not blog again till the new year, i’ll finish off saying that this years been great and next year is shaping up to be just as good 🙂

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