Day to Day

Still really busy with the day to day of business of being self employed, thankfully so far i’ve been really busy with work coming in from Dijitul in the UK and also plenty of ongoing work from Greek island of Cyprus!

I’m currently mainly working on a large project in the Photography and Illustration portfolio sector, i can’t currently release a link or any screenshots as its still in development but hopefully i’ll get chance to blog about it when it goes live.

Its nice being back in Mansfield and in an office with other techies. I know a fair few techy people around here and its nice to be “back in the loop” with what is happening in the world of tech as well as mates here.

Was speaking to another computer techy guy here i’ve know for a long while who was until just before i arrived back driving a Porsche 911, unfortunately he let it go as he is saving up to buy a house. Would have loved to have had a ride in it, amazingly this guy is still looking for a full time job and is currently making his money by playing online poker 9-5.

Hopefully once i’ve got the big portfolio project out of the way i will have a bit of time to spend on a few of my own personal projects. I think i’ve mentioned it before on the blog but i keep looking at ideas that will be self running money generators, subscription based websites and things like that. I have a few ideas that could work, it just needs time and a bit of money put behind them rather than a half arsed attempt.

Also on the lookout for a new car.. originally looking at Golf’s, but think i’m after a Audi A3 now so if anyone knows any good ones for sale drop us a comment below.

Sorry about the slightly random nature of the blog post, i’m trying to get back into the swing of it and will soon be blurting out whatever is in my mind onto these very pages like i did back in the day!

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