Adobe Photoshop Sucks – Why Photoshop is Annoying

First and foremost i am a developer.. but every now and then i have to fire up Photoshop to do some minor tweaks to images etc.

EVERY single time i’m frustrated by the process.

Here’s the list of things that annoy me so far.. feel free to add more to the comments!

  1. How many designers have more than one monitor, all of them i hear you cry! So why is Photoshops support for multiple monitors so seemingly random. I click to choose a colour and the colour popup appears on my 1st screen even though i have photoshop open on the 3rd. This causes me to click on the photoshop window trying to “do stuff” with no visual feedback that anything is wrong causing me to assume the program has crashed until i finally find a box on a random screen. Same deal with open boxes, save boxes etc
  2. Whilst where on the colour box.. as you more than likely know you can enter hex codes, such as #FFFFFF for white.. Often i’ll have got this colour into the clipboard from firebug and often it will still have the hash at the start.. Its 2012 surely they could have coded it to ignore any hash at the start and use the rest as the hex code! Instead i have to paste the colour into notepad++ first and then select without the hash
  3. The save and open dialogue is some bastardisation between somewhere near windows 95 / XP and Mac’s. I have no way of copying the path i’ve just saved a file to, which is often quite long and in my local web server directory, making getting to the file i’ve just saved just that little bit harder rather than just using the standard windows 7 file dialogue.
  4. Layers.. by default why the hell does it not select the layer you click on.. why is this even an option that can be off! I shouldn’t need to consult someone who “knows a bit of photoshop” just so that i can click on a layer and the program think.. oh he might want to select that bit he’s clicking on!

I think thats it for now.. but i’ll keep this updated as the day progresses!!

Don’t get me started on Excel either.. that lying non multiwindowed POS!

4 thoughts on “Adobe Photoshop Sucks – Why Photoshop is Annoying

  1. Jim

    I agree with your comments on Photoshop. The learning curve is sharper than a razor blade. Who has tthe time to spend “Learning” a program that is supposed to be make our jobs easier ? What is a computer for anyway but to make it EASIER… Get real. What ever happened to making a program intuitive?

    Don’t get me started on Excel or Word 10. They remind me of whomever developed VIsta. A total mess.

    Before anyone starts trashing what I’m saying, take a few minutes to talk to the AVERAGE user. Those that are the backbone of software becasue THEY are the people who make this stuff possible throught their millions of purchases. About time software developers start talking to and developing for an average user, asking advise. I think programs that have a lot of specialized bells and whistles are necessary. So should the requirement for programs to be usable by the same.

  2. Sheila

    I literally HATE photoshop for all those reasons and more. I too am a developer and am often forced to use it at work. Other graphic programs are better and do allow you to select what you click on. I have to created an ^#*^#*^*#^ action script in photoshop. I don’t want to, hate the program. The action script doesn’t work. Why should I have to create it!! I’m not a designer. Thank you, lol

  3. Ben Lumley

    Completely agree.


    The issue isn’t actually with Photoshop, its with how we use it.

    As a photographer, and a front end web developer, the main role of photoshop is an image processing tool, essentially a digital darkroom. Its not a web design tool even thou we use it as one. As a image processing tool, with the exception of the multiple monitors thing, its actually fairly logically laid out and works well.

    However as a web design tool its not fit for purpose and that’s where most of the frustration come from.

    There’s an argument that adobe should address these issues as the vast majority of web folk use it for these reasons, but the number of photographers who use it as digital darkroom is infinity more.

  4. Meh

    Depends what version of Photoshop we are talking about. The latest one kills everything before it thus argumentatively its clearly a replacement rather than something new. My biggest beef with Creative Cloud is well right there in the name, anything you do with Photoshop now is data farmed by Adobe since you don’t own the pictures and text your working with in Photoshop anymore. Why must you pay a monthly subscription fee just for the benefit of owning the privilege to Photochop. I mainly used Photoshop as a 3D artist for applying textures to models, I did my diploma in 3DS Max 2008 fast forward today I dropped both Max and Photoshop when they decided to go the Cloud route. So instead of adopting to new skills, I adapted to new software and have not looked back since. I also agree with Ben’s point Photoshop really isn’t designed for the web, Photoshop works with pixels but the web requires vector based graphics. That’s not to say you cannot make web graphics in Photoshop but you will quickly realize how horrible your sites look designed in Photoshop.

    Better stuff for designers who hate Photoshop and Max:

    GIMP – For Pixels a free Photoshop replacement.
    Inkscape – For Vectors a free Fireworks replacement.
    Luxology Modo – The best Max replacement.
    ZBRUSH – The best Mudbox replacement.

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