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Catch up TV on Raspberry Pi Raspbmc – BBC iPlayer

A fair few Raspberry Pi’s are now out in the wild and a lot of people want to use them as a media center.

I’ve tried to make this as complete as possible for a step by step guide on how to enable BBC iPlayer, 4od, 5ive player and itv player on your Raspberry Pi.

  1. Download and install Raspbmc http://www.raspbmc.com/wiki/user/windows-installation/
  2. Click on System then System Information
  3. Once that is up and running goto the Network tab in System and make a note of the IP address
  4. From another PC connected to the same network use a program like
    putty ssh to the Pi
  5. Username – Pi / Password – raspberry
  6. Type the following commands to download the plugins (please note you should get the most recent URL from the links at the bottom of this post
    • wget http://passion-xbmc.org/addons/Download.php/plugin.program.repo.installer/plugin.program.repo.installer-1.0.5.zip
    • wget http://xbmc-itv-player.googlecode.com/files/plugin.video.itv_1.0.7.zip
    • wget http://xbmc-iplayerv2.googlecode.com/files/iPlayer-v2.4.17.zip
  7. Back on the system tab, click settings
  8. Click on Add-ons
  9. Install from zip file
  10. Select the home folder
  11. Install the 3 plugins you downloaded using wget, by clicking on them
  12. Goto Programs
  13. Click Repositories Installer
  14. Install Mossy’s repo for 4OD
  15. Install Nibor’s repo for 5ive
  16. Go back to the home screen click Videos and Add-ons
  17. Click Get More, the screenshot shows after they have been installed
  18. Install 4OD first on the list
  19. Scroll down the list to demand 5
  20. You should now be able to go back to Videos and Add-Ons and enjoy your catch up tv

Link for latest 4OD – http://code.google.com/p/mossy-xbmc-repo/downloads/list
Link for latest iPlayer – http://code.google.com/p/xbmc-iplayerv2/downloads/list
Link for latest ITV player – http://code.google.com/p/xbmc-itv-player/downloads/list
Link for latest 5ive player – (from repo)

Feel free to comment if i’ve missed anything important!

*Heads up, affiliate URL

Also thought this would be a good place to recomend the keyboard i use for my Pi the Rii Wireless Mini PC Keyboard & Touchpad, its great for sitting back on the Sofa and controlling XBMC or a fully fledged desktop.

Finally got a drone in the UK

So i finally got a drone for Christmas, leaving it a bit late to blog about it but been busy busy!!

I opted for the Syma X5C drone / quadcopter that comes with a 2mp camera and is a decent size for flying outside yet small enough for a small blast inside.

The first flight of the drone was in the back garden so it was very hard to control as i was flying very low.. fairly amusing video below.


We’ve had lots of windy weather which isn’t very good for drone flying so i didn’t get chance to take it out for quite a while after that. Eventually managed to take it out to Sherwood Forest and got some good altitude, unfortunately didn’t manage to capture any video on that flight but was pleased to say that it was stable enough for my little one who is 6 to fly (despite a few scary moments when he let go of the throttle!)

The Syma’s 3rd and sadly final flight was at the local park, managed to get some video of very high altitude.


Unfortunately the sky was a very similar color to the done and shortly after this video i lost it completely in the sky, the best course of action i figured was to bring the drone down slowly. After a few tense moments i spotted it landing / crashing into the top of a bush on the other side of the park!!

Once i’d dug it out the bush it was fine and with no visible damage it flew perfectly still, HOWEVER i was now closer to trees and managed to hit a tree and it crashed to the ground upsidedown! Whilst wandering over to the drone i managed to hit the remote causing the blades to spin into the grass and burn a motor out 🙁

After a bit of hunting around online i managed to find a replacement drone motor from Drone Bits Hunting around their site i also managed to find the Syma X5C drone package for a good £15 cheaper than “santa” paid.

Overall i’d reccomend the Syma X5C drone as a first drone, it takes “ok” pictures and very good video for the price… Will update when i get the motor!

Just Air Cooled Direct

This is just a quick post about a little website that is Just Air Cooled Direct. It sells parts and spares for people who are either restoring or modifying their Aircooled classic VW.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that i like cars from the VAG group and everyone in the office where i work are VW fanatics.

If you have Camper / T25 or a Beetle and are looking for a low prices on just air cooled parts head on over to the website.

Adobe Photoshop Sucks – Why Photoshop is Annoying

First and foremost i am a developer.. but every now and then i have to fire up Photoshop to do some minor tweaks to images etc.

EVERY single time i’m frustrated by the process.

Here’s the list of things that annoy me so far.. feel free to add more to the comments!

  1. How many designers have more than one monitor, all of them i hear you cry! So why is Photoshops support for multiple monitors so seemingly random. I click to choose a colour and the colour popup appears on my 1st screen even though i have photoshop open on the 3rd. This causes me to click on the photoshop window trying to “do stuff” with no visual feedback that anything is wrong causing me to assume the program has crashed until i finally find a box on a random screen. Same deal with open boxes, save boxes etc
  2. Whilst where on the colour box.. as you more than likely know you can enter hex codes, such as #FFFFFF for white.. Often i’ll have got this colour into the clipboard from firebug and often it will still have the hash at the start.. Its 2012 surely they could have coded it to ignore any hash at the start and use the rest as the hex code! Instead i have to paste the colour into notepad++ first and then select without the hash
  3. The save and open dialogue is some bastardisation between somewhere near windows 95 / XP and Mac’s. I have no way of copying the path i’ve just saved a file to, which is often quite long and in my local web server directory, making getting to the file i’ve just saved just that little bit harder rather than just using the standard windows 7 file dialogue.
  4. Layers.. by default why the hell does it not select the layer you click on.. why is this even an option that can be off! I shouldn’t need to consult someone who “knows a bit of photoshop” just so that i can click on a layer and the program think.. oh he might want to select that bit he’s clicking on!

I think thats it for now.. but i’ll keep this updated as the day progresses!!

Don’t get me started on Excel either.. that lying non multiwindowed POS!