My new Office Chair

I’ve not blogged for ages, apart from a couple of technical posts about geeky stuff, maybe this will kick me back into the swing of blogging, or maybe it won’t!

As some of you will know i’m back from Cyprus now, had a great time out there but 5 years was just a bit too long and happy to be back in the UK now (apart from all this rioting thats going on!)

I’ve been doing freelance PHP work and a lot of work with Dijitul here in Mansfield, they have a contract with a local office furniture website and as they are in the process of redecorating their offices i figured it was a good time to get myself a nice new office chair.

I didn’t realise their was so much choice to be honest, i tested chairs out in Ikea, Staples and a few places in town but none of them where comfy enough to sit in all day. By this time all the other lads in the office had already had chairs delivered, so (shh don’t tell them) i borrowed a different chair some evenings when i was working late and decided which chair would be best. I decided on a “Soft Leather Executive Chair” which is really comfy and has a fair amount of adjust-ability to get the right position. I’ve not put the arms on it yet as i like to be close to the desk, although the arms do have adjustable height which is a bonus.

Anyway thats it for now, hopefully i’ll start blogging more soon!

I’ve been working hard on lots of interesting projects and hoping early next year or towards the end of this year to start work on some stuff that makes money for me.. rather than lots of websites and bits that make money for other people 🙂

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