Finally got a drone in the UK

So i finally got a drone for Christmas, leaving it a bit late to blog about it but been busy busy!!

I opted for the Syma X5C drone / quadcopter that comes with a 2mp camera and is a decent size for flying outside yet small enough for a small blast inside.

The first flight of the drone was in the back garden so it was very hard to control as i was flying very low.. fairly amusing video below.

We’ve had lots of windy weather which isn’t very good for drone flying so i didn’t get chance to take it out for quite a while after that. Eventually managed to take it out to Sherwood Forest and got some good altitude, unfortunately didn’t manage to capture any video on that flight but was pleased to say that it was stable enough for my little one who is 6 to fly (despite a few scary moments when he let go of the throttle!)

The Syma’s 3rd and sadly final flight was at the local park, managed to get some video of very high altitude.

Unfortunately the sky was a very similar color to the done and shortly after this video i lost it completely in the sky, the best course of action i figured was to bring the drone down slowly. After a few tense moments i spotted it landing / crashing into the top of a bush on the other side of the park!!

Once i’d dug it out the bush it was fine and with no visible damage it flew perfectly still, HOWEVER i was now closer to trees and managed to hit a tree and it crashed to the ground upsidedown! Whilst wandering over to the drone i managed to hit the remote causing the blades to spin into the grass and burn a motor out 🙁

After a bit of hunting around online i managed to find a replacement drone motor from Drone Bits Hunting around their site i also managed to find the Syma X5C drone package for a good £15 cheaper than “santa” paid.

Overall i’d reccomend the Syma X5C drone as a first drone, it takes “ok” pictures and very good video for the price… Will update when i get the motor!

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