Photo Update

Just a quick post to let people know that i’ve added a whole load of photos from Paphos today, mainly because pilly’s got a decent photo camera now so the madness can continue!!

check out the new pics here

More pics should be added later on tomorrow when i steal the CD from Donna!

Donna.. now there’s a story! another time…

Just thought that Pilly has some photos on his camera aswell.. will try and get them up at some point too.

Was going to put some of the best pictures here for the lazy people.. but G2 sucks for hot linking images!

Back in Cyprus

Well i’m back in Cyprus and have been for a while as most of you know.

Its just me and Pilly at the moment, not really know Pilly that long, but we get on fine and we’re having a good laff at the moment.

When i arrived i was told and also expected Fitzgerald Estates to have loads of work for me to do. They did! My first day back i sat downstairs for most of the morning writing a big list of things that needed doing, bits that needed changing, where we where with certain projects etc.

By the end of the first week, i’d somehow managed to get through the majority of this list!! They often compliment me on how fast i do my work, but when working on an hourly wage with a limited amount of work its not always the best thing to do!! guess thats just how i am really.

After i’d finished the list i started back on google optimisation, it appears to be working a bit better this time as we have a lot more links in.

Traffic to the Fitzgerald site has been steadily increasing since i started work their, which is a good sign. I had a small setback with a few potentially fraudulent clicks screwing the hit results and also costing money on the adwords campaign. A few well worded complaint letters managed to get a substantial sum of money back from google for this, even though they didn’t believe click fraud had occurred.

Talking of complain letters, i wrote one to Cyta recently aswell, due to the internet constantly going down at work.. I faxed it them.. they haven’t replied.. will have to try that again and send a copy via e-mail to.

So i’d pretty much finished the majority of the work at Fitzgerald Estates, other than a few bits and bobs and the main projection display. That’s now been postponed to the end of this month, which is nice as it means i have a bit of guaranteed work later on this month.

I now only work 2 days a week at Fitzgeralds and as and when they need me, this works out fairly well as i have a long list of other things i should be getting on with on the other days of the week. The week coming up is the first official two day week 🙂

The freelance projects that i currently have on the table are as follows

Kims Website
Kim is a mate of Uncle Dave aka Oil Rig Dave. She’s a abstract artist and a rather good one at that. Dave decided she should start selling her work, so me and guy (sorry guy and i, lol long story) are creating a website for her to showcase her artwork in the hope of selling it, or being commissioned to do work for a certain location.
I’ve not got a lot to do on this one, as its mainly design based rather than content based.. although i think i’m gonna play about with flash and see if i can get some nice looking transitions together.

Byte Cafe
My local internet cafe has been taken over by a new owner, who wants to re brand it and has asked Guy to create a new image/logo etc for the company. As part of this he wants a website creating, we had a meeting with the owner the other day and decided that rather than a website, he was actually after more of a portal page to use as the homepage for IE in the cafe. This gives me lots to do as it will be heavily content focused, I’m about to knock up a quote for the project and take it to him on Monday. Quite looking forward to this one as there’s lots of cool little bits for me to do.

Sarah and Theo’s OS Commerce idea
A good mate Sarah wants an online site creating to sell some products out here, this one should be fairly easy and will only involve a little design work from Guy.

Pillys Mum
Not spoke to her in a while, but i still have some outstanding and i think more work to do for pillys mums business. In fact i might e-mail her now.

Kiosk.. and a few other ideas
Got lots of other things brewing in my mind at the moment, and if i ever get chance to sit down, i’m gonna do some work on some of them!

So thats it for proper Freelance stuff, although i’ve also got to visit a law firm later on this week as they have some IT work they need doing. I’ve been recommended to them by Daryl from Fitzgeralds, so hopefully he’s told them good things. Apparently i’m worth my weight in gala shit.. which is a great thing coming from an Australian i’m told!!

I did have the chance of a job in Limmasol earlier this week aswell. Sounded a really exciting job, building CMS (Content Management Systems) for this guy Unfortunately he found a company based in Limmasol who could do the job and obviously makes more business sense to use a reputable company than a freelance person in Paphos. 🙁 oh well.. sure more things will come about!

Guess thats everything from a business point of view!

Other aspects of life! well there all a bit crazy!

Far to crazy to blog about in fairness!

This weeks been mad, haven’t had much sleep and lots of late night drinking, which was carried on into the weekend!

Next week i’m gonna try and have a calm one.. although will see how things go!

In conclusion its good to be back.
Gaz, Sarah and all the Hardakers TOP FAMILY, TOP PEOPLE.
Kirsty.. she’s a good laff
Donna and Andrea, stop making me drink!
Danni i still want some free bowling!
Sam your ace, good luck with the move and college.. i know you’ll be rate!
Everyone else out here in sunny Paphos your ace too..

Everyone back home.. starting to miss sunny mansfield again, but i’ll be back!

Why worry.. when you can have fun!